Here’s a Recommendation for a Famous Aesthetic Restaurant in Jakarta

Here’s a Recommendation for a Famous Aesthetic Restaurant in Jakarta – Currently, more and more restaurants are open and also provide a nice and attractive appearance. For people in big cities, the moment to eat at a restaurant is no longer just filling the emptiness of the stomach, but has become part of the contemporary lifestyle. In addition to prioritizing the taste of quality food, a comfortable place, satisfying service, aesthetic interior decoration is certainly an added value in determining the choice of a place to eat.

Here's a Recommendation for a Famous Aesthetic Restaurant in Jakarta

1. Yuzuya
Yuzuya is an aesthetic Japanese restaurant located on Jalan Gunawarman longdongles. Entering the interior of this restaurant, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the interior design. The Japanese nuance is very thick, so it feels like in Japan, you know.

The restaurant which consists of two floors provides private and semi-private rooms. Various kinds of Japanese dishes are available here, ranging from sashimi, sushi, nigiri, gunkan, inari, makimono, temaki, yakimono, tempura, and others.

To produce an authentic taste, Yuzuya brought directly a chef from Japan. The recommended menu is Yuzuya truffle steak, which is steak cooked with teriyaki sauce and truffle oil.

2. Plataran City Forest
Forest in the middle of Jakarta? Yes, you know! Located within the Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) complex, Hutan Kota Plataran is a restaurant that offers traditional dishes with a fine dining concept, combining green space, culture and Indonesian history.

The restaurant, which was just inaugurated in January 2020, has an aesthetic architectural design and interior ornament. There are many instagenic spots that can be used as photo objects here. There are jasmine greenhouses, temple gates, fish ponds, and others. It’s best to come late at night, because there is a rooftop area with cool lighting, plus the background of the sparkling city of Jakarta.

3. Fume
Fume, a coffee shop as well as a restaurant in the Kertanegara area, is a good place and is fairly spacious. The outside of the building is monochrome, but the inside is so colorful. The front area has a little space for outdoor. The coffee bar has a green vibes concept, with colored lighting. The lighting arrangement, color selection, and grass decorations are no less interesting. Here there is also a VIP room whose design is no less unique.