This is the Cheapest Local Cosmetic Brand

This is the Cheapest Local Cosmetic Brand – As we all know that nowadays more and more people are very happy to do makeup and want to look their best in public. Now teenagers don’t need to be confused anymore to look for skincare that is suitable and of course friendly on the pocket. However, what about cosmetics such as lipstick, bb cream, or eyeshadow? Take it easy, there are many beauty brands that offer cosmetic products at low prices, but the quality has been tested and has been approved by BPOM. Most importantly, it’s local, you know. You can try glancing at cosmetics from several local brands below!

This is the Cheapest Local Cosmetic Brand

1. Marshwillow
Several Indonesian artists have businesses in the beauty world, one of which is actress Natasha Wilona. The beauty brand airbrush-dream is named after Marshwillow. The collection is quite complete, from nail polish, lip tint, mascara, to BB cushion.

The packaging is also made in fun colors, with lots of unique images and fonts. The price ranges from around IDR 8 thousand, to the most expensive around IDR 98 thousand.

2. Aulia Cosmetics
This Aulia brand has quite a large collection of cosmetics. You can find mascara, eyeliner, lip cream, lipstick, to two way cake. The packaging is more likely to look glam, with a blackish or even purple tint.

Not only selling cosmetic products, this brand also sells body scrubs, shampoos, and perfumes. The cosmetics themselves are priced from Rp. 5 thousand to Rp. 60 thousand.

3. Justmiss
The words “Beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive” in Just Miss’s Instagram bio seem to have been proven. They issue quite a lot of lip product variants, ranging from lip cream to lip crayons.

Besides that, this brand also issues eyebrow products, blush on, to brushes. The advantage is, you can find this product easily, even in small supermarkets. The price of cosmetics ranges from Rp. 3 thousand to Rp. 42 thousand.

4. Emina
This ‘sister’ from the Wardah and Make Over brands is intended for teenagers. The packaging is full of attractive colors, as well as colors that tend to be soft and natural. You can get quite complete cosmetics, from lip balm, eyeshadow, powder, to eyeliner.

In addition to buying online, you can get this product at the nearest drugstore or supermarket. The price of the product starts from Rp. 29 thousand to Rp. 70 thousand.

5. Hanasui
The Hanasui brand was originally known for releasing skincare products at affordable prices. Now they are venturing into cosmetics, and releasing lip creams. There are two variants, one of which collaborates with a contemporary drink, namely boba.

The packaging of the lip cream is made cute and adorable in the style of Korean cosmetics. The price is affordable, which is around Rp. 30 thousand.