January 2022

Top 5 Food Museum Recommendations in Japan – Currently, there are more and more museums that provide all kinds of items that have the best value in them and also have prices that are priceless. But not only in Indonesia, which has a lot of museums that can be visited, but also in various countries. One of the best tourist destinations is visiting museums. There are many types of museums in Japan, one of which is a food-themed museum. Here you can learn about the history as well as taste the cuisine. The museums below are examples.

Top 5 Food Museum Recommendations in Japan

1. Yokohama Shin Ramen Museum
This museum is made like a small town, where there is a food court selling food around it.

There are 9 restaurants selected to showcase Japan’s best ramen. They have different samples of noodles, broths and toppings. Not only looking around, you can also taste the ramen they offer.

2. Yokohama Cup Noodles Museum
The museum has 4 floors that show the history of instant noodles, to the story of Momofuku Ando, ​​the inventor of instant noodles and the creator of the Top Ramen and Cup Noodles sayingszone  brands.

You can also take an instant noodle making class. In fact, there is a package to make Cup Noodles by choosing 4 choices of soup and toppings from 12 variations. You can take the Cup Noodles creations you made home with you.

3. Osaka Ikeda Cup Noodles Museum
This museum is not much different from the Cup Noodles museum above. But what is unique about this museum is the instant noodle tunnel, which exhibits 800 types of instant noodle products that have been produced for more than 50 years. You can also taste Cup Noodles products which are sold in limited quantities at this museum.

4. The Suzuhiro Kamaboko Museum
This museum displays various types of kamaboko, a typical Japanese fish cake that has a unique shape.

Visitors can also see the history, equipment and process of making kamaboko. There is a cooking class that you can join too, here. In addition, visitors can also taste this fish cake and bring home various types of fish cake as souvenirs.

5. Kadocho . Soy Sauce Museum
The Kadocho Soy Sauce Factory has used the same Yoshino cedar casks since it started production in 1841. They also use the same technique to mix and ferment the soy sauce. Although visitors cannot see it directly at this factory, they can see it at the Kadocho Soy Sauce Museum. The location is next to the soy sauce factory.

In this museum you can see various demonstrations of making Kadocho soy sauce. You will feel a different atmosphere when you enter it. You can also buy soy sauce and the various sauces they produce.

Learn to Understand the Slot Machine – The slot machine is not a game that is easy to play and also won by many people. Slots so far are the most popular casino games, and are no different online. Most people play slots for the entertainment value they offer, or to promise to win the Jackpot that changes life. Not many pay attention to the percentage of slot returns, and how to understand it can increase their chances of victory. Definitely useful for every slot game to understand this.

Learn to Understand the Slot Machine

The percentage of payment determines the percentage that the slot will be paid in relation to taking, or the total amount is at stake on the machine. The percentage of returns from the slot machine game is directly related to home advantages, or the net profit of the casino expected from the game. For example, slot machines that advertise the percentage of 94% returns have a 6% advantage. The edge of the house for all online casino games has been known and published, including table games such as Blackjack.

But there is little difference in how the percentage of the return of slot machines applies to the expected victory of players when compared to the edge of the house of a table game. Say for example you play a 5-C slot game, with an initial $ 50 bankroll, and after one of your playing sessions gamedingdong ends with 60 credits on the machine. The percentage of your return during this session is 60/50 = 120%. Now let’s say you keep playing with your $ 60, and you end up with a $ 38 bankroll after 60 rounds. From the point where you start playing, the slot machine game has received ($ 50 + $ 60) and pays back ($ 60 + $ 39) which is equivalent to the percentage of 99/10 or 90%. Now if you continue to play with the rest of the $ 39 balance; And it ends with a $ 35 balance, returns are calculated as (60 + 39 + 35) / (50 + 60 + 39) = 134/149 = 90%.

You will agree that this example is quite realistic if you play slots, and moreover because the slot is far more unstable in many cases. Unfortunately with the slot, you can continue to play and really experience a much lower percentage of returns than in the example, and your back roll will decrease over time. This of course changes as soon as you get a jackpot, because the percentage of return will rise and can be more than 100%. The golden rule for slot players is to stop playing when this happens, which of course is very difficult to do. Most people will believe that they are playing, and continue to spin, based on the percentage of returns expected from the game, you will always lose, the longer you play. People who make money from playing slots are those who are disciplined.

But the popularity of slot machines lies in this volatility, because there will always be players who get big jackpots. The disadvantage, volatility will have the opposite effect for most players who cannot run discipline. Sometimes you will play through your money and lose a lot, but if you play regularly, you might make a small victory as often as possible. Most people keep going and that’s why the casino just likes the slot game. In the end most of us who like the slot play it for great entertainment they offer to us. Why not play carefully and in the long run protect your money and therefore increase your chances of getting a little jackpot?

Here’s How It Works in Sports Betting – Sports betting is actually not that complicated once you understand how it works. However to someone new to Sports Betting this can seem a little daunting. So if you are a Sports fan interested in placing some bets then you should arm yourself with some basic knowledge before you start betting otherwise you will be betting ‘blindly’ which will only result in you making basic mistakes and ultimately losing your money. . So in this article I will discuss ‘How does Sports Betting work?’

Here's How It Works in Sports Betting

Sports betting as the name suggests is about taking an opinion on the outcome of a sporting event and then backing up your opinion by means of betting. If your opinion is right then you win the bet and if you are wrong you lose. With the recent boom of the internet, it has become possible to bet on almost any sporting event from the comfort of your own home with online betting victorygreat or betting exchanges. There are many online bookmakers available on the Internet who are ready and willing to accept your bets as well as several betting exchanges. But before you decide which bookmaker or betting exchange to go with, you should do some basic research to establish which one is the most reliable in terms of payouts, the best in terms of the odds on offer and in the case of the betting exchange the best in relation. of the percentage of the commission they charge for your winnings.

Bookmakers study various sporting events and publish on their website the odds that they are ready to offer based on their expert opinion on certain outcomes that occur. Their potential customers, the ‘bettors’, then study these odds and place their bets with the bets that offer the best odds on a particular outcome. The odds offered by online bookmakers and betting exchanges can and do change before a sporting event begins and this is often due to the weight of the money being wagered on certain outcomes which will cause bookmakers to shorten their odds. Also once the event restarts the odds will change for say goal scored in a football match or goal taken in a cricket match or the amount of time remaining until the event is over. Price comparisons and odds are available at the Racing Post or online at.

In order to place a bet with an online bookmaker or betting exchange of your choice, you will first need to open an account with them and deposit some funds, this is usually done via a debit or credit card transaction. Once your account is set up, you are ready to view the available odds and place your bets. At this point I would recommend that before placing a bet, you should consider taking some professional advice from a reputable sports betting advisory service. For more information on who is running the good bad service and the very bad service, check out the respected vetting site at.

Addicted to Playing Slot Machines – Slot machines are one of the types of gambling games that are now increasingly known and also played by many people because they can provide many advantages that have been waiting for them.

With modern slot machines there is the greatest potential for harmful side effects; addicted to gambling because more people are addicted to slots than any other form of gambling. Modern slots are like high-tech video games that play music and scenes from TV shows. You play hundreds of lines at once and instead of pulling the handle you bet with the press of a button which means each bet can be completed in 3.5 seconds.

Addicted to Playing Slot Machines

It looks like a lot of fun but can be addicting. Whether that’s their intention or not, the gambling industry is designing machines that can make people addicted.

An MIT Professor of Anthropology has studied gambling wisamzaki addiction for more than 15 years. He interviews gamblers, casino owners, and slot machine designers.

One question we asked him was – Do you think most people would think that machines can make you addicted, that machines can do the same things as drugs?

Answer: What addiction really has to do is with this prize speed and engine they pack 1200 hands per hour into the game. You are exposed as you can see that being exposed to a higher dose because of all that speed means more betting and that means more excitement.

Another core aspect of their addiction is their ongoing nature. You are not bothered by anything. You don’t wait for the horse to run. You don’t wait for the guy next to you to pick his cards to lay down. There’s no one on the wheel spinning just you and the engine. It is a continuous flow without interruption.

Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada measured how players respond physiologically when they gamble and showed that a new machine can make them think they are winning even when they are not. Gamblers almost always get a lot back. If he put in a dollar he might get back 50 cents but the sound and the flickering lights tricked his brain into thinking he was out first. “The feeling of constantly winning creates so much fun.” Regular players can slip into a trance-like state, a place he calls the zone.

So if you want to play slots or electronic roulette machines, please be careful about limiting the amount of time you spend playing as well as the amount of money you bet. Play in moderation for pleasure rather than financial gain.