Know Sports Tips to Shrink the Waist

Know Sports Tips to Shrink the Waist – Nowadays more and more people want to have an ideal body and of course healthy and very well maintained. Having a slim waist is the dream of many women. Losing weight in certain areas is an activity that is classified as difficult. However, it is possible to successfully make the waist look slimmer and the stomach look flatter with some special movements.

There are several muscle groups that are responsible for the midsection and you just need to find an exercise that works to isolate these muscles. Another trick is that this exercise sports should be done in such a way that you make these muscles strong and toned, but not bulky and bulky.

Know Sports Tips to Shrink the Waist

Movement to reduce waist circumference

1. Bicycle crunches
The bicycle crunch is a combination of sit-ups and movements such as pedaling a bicycle. So, you can start this movement by lying on the mat and preparing as if you were going to do sit-ups as usual. Then, fold your arms and put them behind your head. Then bend your knees and move your legs as if you were pedaling a bicycle. Do this about 20 to 30 repetitions.

2. Waist crunches
Sit-ups are movements that will make the abdominal muscles work. The combination of sit-ups with several other movements will maximize the work of the abdominal muscles and cause waist circumference to decrease. You can start by lying down as if you were going to do regular sit-ups with your hands behind your head, one leg straight on the floor and the other leg bent over the straight leg. Then do sit-ups with 20 to 30 repetitions. Do not forget to change the position of the legs.

3. Squat
This movement begins in a standing position by slightly spreading your legs hip-width apart. Then lift a weight of about 1 kg and divide the weight so that it is lifted on both sides of the arm. After that bend your knees, lower your hips as if you were going to sit in a chair, even though the chair is just a shadow. Then, look and both arms that carry the load straight ahead. Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat this movement about 20 times.

4. Legs lift
Start in a menngging position, resting on the feet and hands. Left hand holding a weight weighing 1 kg, then lift the right leg like a kicking motion out. Then lift your left hand outwards as you lift your leg. Hold for a few moments, do this about 20 times and switch weights and movements to be done by the other leg and arm.

5. Lunges
Stand on your feet slightly spread apart, then place your left foot in front of your right. Lift about 1 kg in each hand. Then bend one leg back beyond your ankle. Then, simultaneously lift both of your arms that lift the weight in front of your chest to form a 90-degree elbow. Hold for a moment and return to the starting position. Do this about 20 repetitions by moving the legs alternately.

In addition, various sports that can be done to reduce waist size are swimming, cycling, and running. You should at least spend at least about 20 minutes to burn fat on your waist.